The Digital Photography

Another good book about photography I found.

I saw this books got many stars in Amazon review long time ago. Very very popular in Amazon.
I didnt bother.. as I thought it is just another basic photography book I already knew.

Then wait until 1 day, I didnt know why I bought this book vol 1, 2, 3.

Yesterday was the 1st day I picked up Vol 1 and started to read it.

Oh!!!oh!!!!! I cant put my hand down with this book.

In the beginning of the pages, the author has claimed that he is not going to talk a lots of photography terms eg shutter speed, aperture and etc.
He claimed that he will just talk to you like his photography buddy. Imagine you go photography shooting with him, and he shares his tips with you.

Each of the page is a short tips. There are so many to talk about.

These 2 pages show 'The tip for shooting Waterfall & The tip for shooting forest'.
The Digital Photography

And more, he even wrote the recipe of the photos. "The Recipe for Getting This type of Shot". It is like a cookbook.

The Digital Photography

The Digital Photography

My brother, Vui is going to get his DSLR soon. I think this is a good book for him. I feel like pass this book to him but I cant get myself let go with this book.
What a dilemma!

PS: And this is the cheapest photography book (in English) I got, it costs about RM58.50 in kinokuniya.
PPS: You dont have to buy all the books. Just vol 1is good enough. If you want to save some money.
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  • muiee
  • Is ok to ask Vui to buy the books mah, since is not tat exp!
    Just saw your chatbox got "Fan" leave message, hahaha :-)
    You are popular in KL now!!
  • I passed to Terry now since i think vui got no time to read

    lollipop4u 於 2009/11/27 23:04 回覆

  • frederica
  • I am looking for photography book I think I might give it a try :) RM58.50 for 3 books??
  • for 1 bookony. Normally photography books are expensicel

    lollipop4u 於 2009/11/27 23:04 回覆

  • frederica
  • Is it necessary to get all 3 books? (if money not the matter)

  • Get the vol 1 1st. You see if you like it or not 1st :)
    Apparently, vol 1 is good enough.

    lollipop4u 於 2009/11/30 11:33 回覆

  • Frederica
  • Thanks for your advice. However, I already bought all 3 from Amazon UK, 3 for GBP23. much cheaper then in Jpn :P Hopefully, I could learn some technique ...
  • Enjoy :)

    lollipop4u 於 2009/11/30 14:32 回覆